Aman Deshmukh Photography

The world through the eyes of a ninteen year old's camera lens.

Here we stand,

staring into the canvas of our future,

waiting as we watch ourselves

beginning to paint a more colorful tomorrow.

From CRY.

A man enjoys local street food while a bright red Vespa-lookalike stands still at the edge of the road, amidst ongoing traffic, at one of the many narrow roads in Kuta, Bali.

Local street food is almost always a few feet away, and street food businesses line most of the narrow footpaths here and there.


Having found the most comfortable spot atop a large concrete tubing lying in the open, children watch CRY volunteers perform a street play.



The many faces of a troubled Tibet.

Dharamsala is a major hub for the Tibetan government in exile and their ongoing struggle. Along the streets of McLeod Ganj, you can find material on Buddhism, on the Dalai Lama, and on the Tibetan cause - most of which, in the form of books and booklets, is distributed free of cost to tourists from within India and abroad, to spread and raise awareness.

Here, many innocent faces, along with those of the Dalai Lama and Buddha peer out from countless book covers, post cards and brochures, attempting to give shape, voice and and an image to the Tibetan struggle for freedom and independence.

From Dharamsala.

Dusk. Its fascinating how fast colors change.




Let me out!

When you need nothing more than a cheeky, mischievous smile to express innocence in its rarest form.

Chinmay Naugaria / People I know: A series.

"Cheap hope for a hundred bucks."

Interesting t-shirts full of wisdom dress up a street seller’s wall at MG Road, Pune.

From: Moments | Pune.

"Quiet beginnings."

Amidst the energetic and chaotic welcome to the Chinese New Year at Chinatown, Singapore, I caught this moment of relative quiet and peace in an alleyway.

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