"Existence Failed."

Worn out I stand,

Resolute but not oblivious to my impending defeat.

Lost, without a trace, like a culture long forgotten, as another brazenly destroys my existence.

"Self-destruction!" I have cried repeatedly, but my shoots no longer crawl up the impervious concrete.

I will wither away hopelessly, an insignificant remnant, no more than a pointless wrinkle in time.

On shaky grounds.

A child stands amidst endless piles of rubble and decaying garbage lining an open gutter in Bangalore, India.

With over 400 million in strength, children constitute a substantial one-third of the Indian population. And yet, one of two children in India is subject to malnutrition, unhealthy living conditions and the possible lack of necessary child rights that guarantee survival, development, protection and participation. (Source)

The situation is stark and needs urgent addressing, through a powerful, sustained combination of media advocacy, raising public awareness and effective policy implementation. 

Fortunately, independent institutions, governmental bodies, NGOs and individuals are raising their voice and joining hands, through organized and unorganized efforts to ensure that the future is brighter and safer. However, a strong, positive change is but inevitable - only, and only if we as a concerned civil society decide to get involved and act and participate.

Jurong Bird Park!

A well maintained microcosm of diverse environments to support all shapes, sizes and colors of winged birds, Jurong Bird Park is a paradise for anyone who loves photography or bird-spotting.

The incubation center and nursery helps protect and raise rare bird species and a wide variety of information about the importance of conserving wildlife is presented through many bird shows and merchandise.

Though I must mention that I am a little skeptical about the conditions some of the birds - especially those that are caged in tighter, smaller cages - live in since as much of a rarity it is to see these birds, it is equally disheartening to see them in potentially restricted, unhealthy conditions as well.

But despite that, this has to be one of the most well maintained and well kept bird/animal attractions I’ve come across - other than, of course, the Singapore Zoo itself.

The many faces of a troubled Tibet.

Dharamsala is a major hub for the Tibetan government in exile and their ongoing struggle. Along the streets of McLeod Ganj, you can find material on Buddhism, on the Dalai Lama, and on the Tibetan cause - most of which, in the form of books and booklets, is distributed free of cost to tourists from within India and abroad, to spread and raise awareness.

Here, many innocent faces, along with those of the Dalai Lama and Buddha peer out from countless book covers, post cards and brochures, attempting to give shape, voice and and an image to the Tibetan struggle for freedom and independence.

From Dharamsala.